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Ferrosilicium FS75 – refers to a group of alloys of silicon content, which depends on the make and ranges from 20% to 80%. The alloy is produced during smelt of initial rock with high content of SiO2. An important component in the melt of the alloy is coke, which serves to recover the carbon contained therein.

Ferrosilicium FS75 is widely used in various industries. This alloy is used as a dopant in production of a wide range of special steels and cast iron. Properties that provides this alloy steel are used in electrical and automotive industries, as well as in production of building materials.

It is supplied in large pieces of up to 40 kg and in the form of crushed and sifted mass.

«Carbide Impex» Ltd. sells ferrosilicium FS75 to metallurgical and machine manufacturing companies at reasonable prices.

Quality test results

Test characteristic

Cr 0.3000 %

Si 75.7000 %

C 0.0430 %

S 0.0200 %

P 0.0300 %

Mn 0.2000 %

Al 2.5000 %